The Path to Pentecost: The Book

When we reached Day 50 of the blog posts for The Path to Pentecost we were asked two questions:

  1. Can I do them all again?
  2. Will you make a hard-copy version available?

The answer to both questions is "Yes!!"

Any period of fifty days is a Pentecost period, so you can commence the meditations any day of the year and work with them for the next fifty days. Melody and I have actually done this for the last two years, and found it a very powerful process. You can click on the link below to take you to Day 1, and then proceed through the meditations by clicking on the Next button.

The Path to Pentecost: Day 1

The second "Yes!" comes in the form of a 250 plus page A4 book. Although this is a large book size, it creates maximum impact for the illustrations. We have chosen a very good quality paper for the book so the illustrations reproduce very well.

Each book is numbered. This will be a limited edition of fifty copies. Melody and I will personally sign each copy before it is posted.

Postage is free in Australia, but there is of necessity, a charge for postage overseas.

To create such a book is actually very expensive in terms of time and materials - not to mention our own personal labour - but it has been a labour of joy. The book is priced at $70, but we are having a "Pentecost Path Sale" until the 21st of August - a very significant date in the calendar 😀

You can find out more details by clicking on the link below:

The Path to Pentecost book

M & JR 🌹

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