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Spiritual Readings: What they are and how to apply

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Love is the, perhaps unexpected, source from which clairvoyance comes.

Mario Schoenmaker The New Clairvoyance

Aura Drawing

Sample illustration of an aura. The colours vary widely from person to person.

A Spiritual Reading from John is a communication with the soul.

The soul communicates through symbols, pictures and colours. The colours of the soul are the aura colours, so your Spiritual Reading will provide a colour chart of your aura drawn by Melody. The aura colours relate to the character, disposition, talents and purpose of the individual. They are generated from the experiences of your soul in previous incarnations, and will change if you direct your energies in a spiritual direction in this life time.

During a Reading, specific incarnations will emerge which relate to the circumstances of your life at present. The incarnations seen will also relate to the questions you asked.

A Spiritual Reading does not tell fortunes, nor predict the future, but it will provide a map of how your life can develop from this point onwards.  The aim of the Reading is to empower you with insights and information so you can answer the questions you have about the challenges and opportunities within your life. You are strengthened to make decisive decisions and changes in your life.

Spiritual perception is latent within all of us. What the Reading will do is to stimulate this power within you. For a time you will share the vision and understanding of Realm-2.

A Spiritual Reading is transformational.

What people say...

“I had a Reading from John 25 years ago. It changed my life and set me free from my past...”

“I just got a bit spaced out with the contents of my reading, in a positive way of course, that kind of took me provisionally away from a good command of my embodiment in the here-now. I loved my reading, and I will keep in touch...”

“[...] had a distance Reading.  I asked her what she would say to others considering it; she said “JR felt very, very present, she felt the connection to the spiritual worlds, and she felt completely ‘seen’”, so she highly recommends it and would definitely even do it that way again...”

Personal details not provided for reasons of privacy.

You will receive:

  • The aura chart drawn by Melody Rawson
  • A CD of the Reading given by John Rawson
  • A copy of The Book of the Soul: images and symbols within the aura.

A Spiritual Reading is an investment of much time and energy. Because of this, we ask people to apply for a Reading by email. Once you have done this, we will direct you to a payment link and confirm the booking.

Spiritual Reading Packages - Click below the graphic for more information

The most powerful way to do a Spiritual Reading is where there is no physical or internet presence impinging upon the Reading. After the Reading is completed, the sound and graphics files will be uploaded the same day. The CD and other material will be posted the next business day.


For those who prefer a more immediate, physical connection we can do the Reading by Zoom. There is no conversation or questions during the Reading, but it gives the client a chance to confer and reflect afterwards.


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