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Spiritual Readings: Zoom Reading

In 2020 many things changed in the world. We were no longer able to give Spiritual Readings to people on a face-to-face basis.

We concentrated on delivering Readings remotely. The advent of Covid was also the advent of Zoom.

If you feel that you would prefer to attend the Reading by Zoom - or perhaps to listen in on your phone we are able to deliver the Reading in this manner. There is no conversation or questions during the Reading, but the client can discuss and reflect upon the Reading afterwards.

We will upload the files the same day and post the Reading on the next business day.

To apply for a Zoom Reading, please complete the application form below. Because of the current demand for Readings we have had to set a selection process in place. We prioritise appointments according to relevance and need.

Tell us why you might like a Reading, and any questions you might ask, up to three. If we are able to do the Reading, Melody will make an appointment by email and give you the payment link. The booking is confirmed by making the payment.

We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you...

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