Realm-2 Heading

What is Realm-2?

Realm-2 is the realm of spiritual vision and spiritual development

Realm-2 is where we discover the Real Self

Realm-2 is where we transcend our mortality

Realm-2 creates our understanding of Realm-1

Realm-2 contains the answers to all the questions of Realm-1

The Path to Pentecost is a print version of the the 2023 blog series. It has taken a lot of work, but we have finally produced the book: illustrations, reflections, quotes from Rev Mario - and a set of appendices!

Click the top button to read more about the book and to order your copy. There are now less than ten copies left, so it has already become a collector's item 😀

In 2024 we are posting the meditations once again - this time with music files. Click on the Realm-2 blog link at the top of the page to follow along, beginning Easter Sunday 2024.

It is here! Covid-19: Through a Glass Darkly is now available from your favourite ebook store.

Direct links to some of the most popular ebook stores are on the book page.


Welcome to Realm-2

We are all experts in Realm-1. We struggle to balance our personal needs and desires with our relationships and ideals. Finance, work, family, health, career force us to focus on Realm-1. Realm-1 thinking tells us that life is random. It begins from nothing and ends in nothing. Life is a question with no answer. More and more people catch a glimpse of something outside this existence. They have encountered Realm-2.

We are not earthly beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey...

Answers to many questions can be found through a Spiritual Reading, as described in “COVID-19”. A Spiritual Reading is a conversation with the soul, it gives the person an opportunity to discover the spiritual reasons behind life events and shows how to move forward. You can start a conversation about having a Reading through the Spiritual Reading page.

The Big Questions

How can I make sense of my life?

What is my purpose?

Have I lived before?

What happens after I die?

Realm-2 consciousness is spiritual consciousness. If we enter into this consciousness then the world looks completely different. We begin to see ourselves as immortal sparks launched into an enormous adventure.

How do we enter into this new world of spirit? The answer given by the philosopher and clairvoyant, Rudolf Steiner is short and to the point: “We perceive the material world [Realm-1] by developing physical organs of perception. We perceive the spiritual world [Realm-2] by developing spiritual organs of perception.”

The Way of the Wyse Art is our online course. It addresses the question: “How do I open my spiritual vision so that Realm-2, the spiritual worlds, become visible to me?”

The Way empowers and strengthens. It gives us insight into who we are. The spiritual journey is not a map another person gives us, it is a map we create ourselves.

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