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Covid-19: Through a Glass Darkly

John Rawson

It's Here!

Yes, Covid-19: Through a Glass Darkly is now available in just about every e-book store there is.

The way the algorithm works is that the more people who buy the book and especially if they post a nice review 😀, the more the online book store promotes it. This is especially important in the first two weeks.

You can find the book by going to your favourite online store and searching for covid-19 rawson, or covid-19 glass darkly. I have added direct links to the most popular stores below.

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You download it directly to your Apple iBook reader by going to the book store and doing a search.

Although it has John's name on the front cover, Covid-19: Through a Glass Darkly is the result of lots of conferencing with Melody, who also acted as the very literate editor.

This little book sets out to answer a complex question: “What are the spiritual forces behind the Covid-19 pandemic?”

We originally created the material about Covid to help our community of Free Priests, but over the last year, so many people have asked us to shed some light on the reasons and purposes of the pandemic, that we have enlarged and explained the original material.

Realm-1 is the physical world, the world where the pandemic appears to destroy and spread at random. We need Realm-2, the world of spiritual vision to make sense of this.

If you have asked the simple question, "Why?" then you will find answers in this book.

Melody & John Rawson


  1. The Truth About the Corona
  2. The Free Priesthood: How Do I Sustain Myself?
  3. The Expression of the Corona Energy
  4. The Entry of the Feminine
  5. Welcome to Realm-2
  6. The Western Spiritual Tradition
  7. Covid in the Year of Michael
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