The Path to Pentecost: The Book

The Path to Pentecost v2
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The Path to Pentecost

John Rawson 


Melody Rawson

Now you can hold it in your hands...

Thank you to all those who followed the Path to Pentecost on our blog in 2023. The resulting version of the blog posts is a result of input from many people.

We received requests to produce the Path in book form, so people could actually hold it in their hands and work with it away from a computer or other device. To produce the print version was a huge task. The resulting book is over 250 pages long and contains all the full-colour illustrations from the blog. We have also included the songs and music that go with the series of meditations, an explanatory introduction and a number of appendices  - all in all a lot of work!

We decided to offer the Path as a collector's edition. There will only be fifty copies printed and each copy is numbered and will have a dedication from the creators.

The book is printed to order on very good quality A4 paper which make the illustrations stand out, and gives a beautiful feeling when you work with the meditations. It takes about a day to print and assemble one copy - so although we will try and fill orders as quickly as possible there may be occasional delays.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement - and in response to those who have said they wish they could do the Meditations all through the year - you can. In spiritual terms, any fifty days is a Path to Pentecost.

JR & Melody🌹

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