Distance Readings

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Spiritual Reading by Distance


The Year of Covid brought about changes in the ways in which we delivered Spiritual Readings. We were forced to focus on doing Readings without the physical presence of the person. Although we had already been doing some Readings like this for many years, Distance Readings became the new norm.

Much to our surprise, the quality of the Readings did not diminish, rather the Readings attained a new depth of insight and communication.

Spirit is not confined by space and time - these are human limitations. A Spiritual Reading is a communication with the soul. The physical body may be thousands of kilometres away, but when we are giving the Reading, the soul is very present.

We ask the recipient of the Reading to sit in silence at the appointed time with a lighted candle.

People with an acute spiritual sensitivity have reported that they become aware of a presence in the room as the Reading progresses.

When the Reading has been completed we will upload the audio of the Reading as an mp3 file and the Aura Chart and Book of the Soul will also be uploaded as pdf files. This usually happens within two hours of the completion of the Reading. The CD, chart and Book will be posted on the next business day.

When you have listened to the Reading, you can ask any follow-up questions by email to Melody.

To apply for a Distance Reading, please complete the application form below. Because of the current demand for Readings we have had to set a selection process in place. We prioritise appointments according to relevance and need.

Tell us why you might like a Reading, and any questions you might ask, up to three. If we are able to do the Reading, Melody will make an appointment by email and give you the payment link. The booking is confirmed by making the payment.

We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you...

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