About the angels…

The next seven meditations feature the "Tiffany Angels":

The Seven Tiffany Angels
The Tiffany Angels

These wonderful stained glass windows have a history which is almost as miraculous as the angels.

They are known as the "Swedenborgian Angels", or "The Tiffany Angels".

The angels Created in the famous Tiffany Studio in 1902 for the Swedenborgian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1964 the city demolished the church to make way for a new interstate highway. The windows were put into storage in garages and basements and forgotten.

In 1986 the national Swedenborgian foundation bought them, intending to put them into a new church. The church was never built, so they were stored in a barn at the national retreat centre.

In 2001 a new minister discovered them. They were restored and then in 2003 became a travelling exhibition called "In the Company of Angels".

Wonderful to know that the angels have not only been resurrected, but are now travelling the whole of the USA!

One hundred years after they were created, the angels were reborn  into the world.

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  1. I am thinking these windows are an act of great creativity. So beautiful and such an amazing provenance. Thanking you yet again JR. Inspirating indeed🙏🏻

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