Pentecost Meditations: “How To”

A quick thank you to everyone who has expressed their appreciation for the Meditations. A few remarks on the process:

  • Mario said that Revelation is most powerful when it is read out loud. We have found that reading the whole of the Meditation for the day out loud is a very powerful exercise.
  • Comments: You are welcome to make comments - in fact please do! There is a delay before the comment goes through an approval process, but it should be up the next day.
  • Subscription: You can become a subscriber to the blog. The "Register" link is on the right under the "Meta" heading. This is a bit new to me, but I think I have set the blog so that if you are a subscriber you will be notified when a new post is made. I think also, it means that there is no delay for  your comments if you login to the blog when you read it.
  • New Posts: The post for the day is scheduled to be posted at 1:00 am of the day. I'm hoping this is going to work - computers, always one more bug 😀

Please keep reading and communicating,

Much love JR (and hugs from Melody)🌹

2 thoughts on “Pentecost Meditations: “How To””

  1. So much more powerful when read aloud. No chance to skim or speed read. The breath adds spirit to the spoken words that resonate around the room.

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    Beautifully said John. I couldn’t agree more. Intention, breath and spoken word – spirit manifesting in the world (that is, creativity) perhaps?

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