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This sample module comes with the Prologue which outlines how the course works, the Module 0 pages of The Book of the Wyse Art, and the audio file.


Module 0: Before Beginning

What is a beginning? Every moment is connected to every past moment, so we can be unsure when we really "begin"... Nevertheless, we start somewhere, and here is where we begin our journey on the "Way of the Wyse Art". But before we launch out on this momentous journey we need to check whether we are embarking with the right equipment. We especially need to check that we are not carrying equipment and burdens that will hamper us on the Way, slow us down, or discourage us. Module 0 in a sense is a checklist.
Before you begin the Way, you need to download some very important equipment for the journey:

1. The Book of the Wyse Art - Module 0
2. The Prologue

This pdf contains instructions on how to prepare for the course.
The Prologue to the Wyse Art

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