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Module III-0: Behind the Mirror

Welcome to Level III of the Wyse Art, The Mysteries of the Order of Melchizedek

As in the previous levels, we shall begin by downloading our toolset for the whole level:

1. The Book of the Wyse Art

The Book of the Wyse Art III pdf download

2. The Book of Chi

The Book of Chi pdf download

3. The Prologue

This pdf contains instructions on how to prepare for the course.
The Prologue to Wyse Art III

4. Adam Kadmon

This is an enlarged version of the central image in Module 1.
Adam Kadmon pdf

5. Cosmic Mass - Booklet Format

Mass for the Free Priest - Booklet format - for those of you who have a printer that can handle this format
Cosmic Mass Booklet pdf download

6. Cosmic Mass - A4 Format

Mass for the Free Priest - in simple A4 format
Cosmic Mass A4 pdf download

Module Zero Downloads

In Module 0 …

  • What came before the beginning?
  • The discontinuity of zero - the key to evolution
  • The first four epochs of evolution
  • The task of Melchizedek

Module III-0 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 0 Audio


Module III-1: Growing the Tree

In this module

  • The Tree of Life and Adam Kadmon
  • The breaking of the vessels
  • Five aspects of the priesthood

Module III-1 Journal Exercises pdf

Audio file


Module III-2: The Descent into Matter

In this module

  • Creation through reflection
  • The departure of souls from the earth into the planetary spheres
  • Souls of the Sun: Melchizedeks
  • Melchizedek and the preparation for Christ
  • Guardians of the Threshold: The First Guardian and the Second Guardian
  • Uniting with the consciousness of Christ

Module III-2 Journal exercises pdf

Module 2 Audio


Module III-3: Just Breathe!

In this module

  • The third force
  • Sealing Melchizedek souls in Atlantis
  • The power of breath
  • Music and tuning the inner planets

Module III-3 Journal exercises pdf

Module 3 Audio


Module III-4: The Psychology of the Priesthood

In this module

  • The purpose of the Free Priesthood
  • Psychology as the study of the work of the soul
  • Horizontal and vertical knowledge
  • Dealing with the emotions
  • The work of Archangel Michael

Module III-4 Journal exercises

Module 4 Audio


Module III-5: The Plan

In this module

  • Working with the etheric body
  • The birth of the I AM
  • The manifestations of the Order of Melchizedek.
  • The three paths of the Order
  • Raising the Order of Melchizedek in the twentieth century
  • Watch and pray

Module III-5 Journal exercises pdf

Module 5 Audio


Module III-6: The Renewal of the Heart

In this module

  • The work of the Order of Melchizedek in the twenty-first century: Healing the broken heart
  • The gifts of the Order
  • The priest as mediator
  • The Near Death Experience

Module III-6 Journal exercises pdf

Module 6 Audio


Module III-7: The Priest as Magician

In this module

  • Sacred magic
  • The Tower experience
  • The spiral opening of the spiritual centres
  • The seven magical acts of the Melchizedek priest

Module III-7 Journal exercises pdf

Module 7 Audio


Module III-8: The New Earth

In this module

  • The crucifixion of Christ in spirit
  • The work of the Archai in human consciousness
  • The entry of Christ into the etheric

Module III-8 Journal exercises pdf

Module 8 Audio


Module III-9: The Priest and the Afterlife

In this module

  • The overself in the human aura
  • Assisting the dying soul as a priest
  • The soul’s journey after death
  • Communication with the soul after passing
  • The gift of individuality

Module III-9 Journal exercises pdf

Module 9 Audio


Module III-10: The Priest and the Way

In this module

  • Connecting the Tarot and Kabbalah
  • Three conjunctions of spiritual life
  • It is not intellectual knowledge that changes the world, but spiritual power

Module III-10 Journal exercises pdf

Module 10 Audio

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