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Module II-0: Emptiness

Welcome to Level II of the Wyse Art, The Christ Mysteries.

As in Level I, let us begin by downloading our toolset for the whole level:

1. The Book of the Wyse Art

This pdf contains instructions on how to prepare for the course.
The Prologue to Wyse Art II

3. The Music of the Wyse Art

The music used in the Wyse Art course is created by Melody and John Rawson. It can be purchased from MelodyRawson.com
Wyse-Art Music pdf

4. The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life diagram lies behind the whole of the Western Spiritual Tradition.
Tree of life pdf download

Module Zero Downloads


Module II-1: The Christ Event

In this module

  • The Tree of Life
  • The story of Genesis
  • Spiritual consciousness
  • The work of the “Mis-Director”
  • The purpose of the Christ event.

Module II-1 Journal Exercises (pdf)

Module II-1 Audio


Module II-2: The Birth of Christ

In this module

  • The descent into human incarnation
  • The two different gospel nativity stories
  • The descent of Christ into physical incarnation

Journal Exercises Module 2 pdf

Module 2 Audio


Module II-3: Christ and the Soul

In this module

  • Scientific thinking, “Skeptical empiricism”
  • Thinking as “gnosis”
  • The “eyes” of the soul
  • The coming of Christ consciousness

Module II-3 Journal Exercises pdf

Module II-3 Graphic pdf

Module II -3 Audio


Module II-4: Uniting with Christ

In this module

  • “Squaring the Circle”
  • The dynamics of the astral
  • Spiritual training
  • The light of the I AM

Module II-4 Journal Exercises pdf

Module II-4 Audio


Module II-5: The Working of Christ in the Etheric

In this module

  • Functions of the etheric body
  • William Blake and Christ working upon the etheric
  • Triumph of the plant kingdom
  • Initiation ancient and modern
  • Forces within the etheric working upon the physical body
  • Watch and pray

Module II-5 Journal Exercises pdf

Module II-5 William Blake painting pdf

Module II-5 Audio


Module II-6: The Illusion of the Ego

In this module

  • Alchemy: Pictures, symbols, processes
  • Learning from our incarnations
  • “Did I create this situation?”
  • The Nigredo cycle and the “Great Perfection”

Journal Exercises II-6 pdf

Audio Module II-6


Module II-7: The New Initiation

In this module

  • The soul ascends through the planetary spheres after death
  • The Near Death Experience
  • Christ initiation

Module II-7 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 7 Audio


Module II-8: The Initiation of the Earth

In this module

  • Number eight is the start of a new phase
  • The Path of Fire
  • The Path of Water
  • Eight stages on the Path of Water

Module II-8 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 8 Audio


Module II-9: Resurrection

In this module

  • The work of Christ in the spiritual worlds after death
  • Atlantean conflict and the release of souls
  • Christ and karma
  • The New Clairvoyance
  • The gift of individuality

Module 9 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 9 Audio


Module II-10: Attainment

In this module

  • The domination of astral consciousness
  • Travelling on the Tree of Life: The path of return
  • The Guardian of the Threshold
  • The Rosicrucians: The rose in heart and the rose in the head
  • The Tree of Life Meditation

Module II-10 Journal Exercises pdf

Module II-10 Audio

Module II-10 Meditation

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