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WA I Course500

Module 0: Before Beginning

What is a beginning? Every moment is connected to every past moment, so we can be unsure when we really "begin"... Nevertheless, we start somewhere, and here is where we begin our journey on the "Way of the Wyse Art". But before we launch out on this momentous journey we need to check whether we are embarking with the right equipment. We especially need to check that we are not carrying equipment and burdens that will hamper us on the Way, slow us down, or discourage us. Module 0 in a sense is a checklist.
Before you begin the Way, you need to download some very important equipment for the journey:

1. The Book of the Wyse Art
2. The Prologue

This pdf contains instructions on how to prepare for the course.
The Prologue to the Wyse Art

3. The Music of the Wyse Art

The music used in the Wyse Art course is created by Melody and John Rawson. It can be purchased fromMelodyRawson.com
Wyse-Art Music pdf

4. The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life diagram lies behind the whole of the Western Spiritual Tradition.
Tree of life pdf download

Module Zero Downloads


Module 1: Discovering the Tree

How do you see yourself?

Sometimes we need to put an image outside ourselves to discover answers to this question. The Tree represents the force of growth within the human psyche. This growth force has to work with a counter-force: the Mis-director. Our job is to connect with the Director. It is when we create this connection that we discover an answer to the question,

“Who am I?”

Module 1 Audio


Module 2: Growth Through Conflict


“One is One and all alone” says the old song, when we introduce a second, then we have the possibility of relationship, and relationship introduces the possibility of conflict.

In reality, we are rarely One. Our natural consciousness is one of multiple selves and we have to find our way back from the Many to the One.

Two not one, are the forces that feed us;
One, not two, is the soul that will need us…

Journal Exercises Module 2 pdf

Module 2 Audio


Module 3: The Number of the Soul

Human beings are great deflectors. The Buddha compared us to a man lying on the road wounded by an arrow. The man doesn’t ask what type of arrow it is, the colour of the fletching, the brand of the quiver… He just wants to remove the arrow. The first step in removing the arrow, the wound of the human condition is to learn to live in the present. Eckhart Tolle called this, “The Power of Now.”

Module 3 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 3 Audio


Module 4: The Number of Perception

The esoteric model of the human being is complex. This reflects the complexity of the human condition - we are not simple creatures. We have already met the life-energy and the soul, now we encounter a very important member of the psyche: the body of perception.

Module 4 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 4 Audio


Module 5: The Number of Life

In the previous module we met the astral body, the body of perception. Now we revisit the topic of life-energy. Vitality and life-energy are associated with the etheric body. Since the etheric body also holds past life memories, we also look into the topics of reincarnation and karma.

Module 5 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 5 Audio


Module 6: The Number of Reflection

The yearning for completeness is part and parcel of the human psyche. A Greek myth tells us that originally human beings were both male and female in the one body, but they became so powerful that the gods divided them in half. Ever since then each portion, the male and the female, has been looking for its other half to achieve the original state of perfection. Module Six then is about harmony, why we lack it, and how we can achieve it.

Module 6 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 6 Audio


Module 7: The Number of Light

The chakras or spiritual centres are an important part of esoteric tradition:

Seven coloured spheres entwine
along a single string.

In the Western Esoteric Tradition each spiritual centre plays a specific role within consciousness. The exercises given begin the important process of cleansing and preparing the centres for future work.

Module 7 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 7 Audio


Module 8: The Number of the Earth

The Eighth is of earth
That the soul may give worth…

We have a connection with the earth. Because of this connection we are in a physical body in an earthly incarnation. Understanding this earth connection is vital to spiritual development. We cannot gaze into the heavens unless our feet are firmly planted upon the earth…

Module 8 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 8 Audio


Module 9: The Number of Ascension

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most ancient of Christian practices. According to the gospels it was given by Christ himself to his disciples. In the Western Spiritual Tradition, this prayer can be a potent way of strengthening and cleansing our spiritual centres and our life energies.

Module 9 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 9 Audio


Module 10: The Number of Consciousness

“Consciousness... It is as close as a heartbeat, yet we understand it less than the furthest stars in the galaxy…”

Module Ten introduces the Kabbalah, a very important part of the Western Spiritual Tradition. The Kabbalah is an instrument to explore human consciousness, but also to understand states of consciousness which extend far beyond our own…

Module 10 Journal Exercises pdf

Module 10 Audio

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