NYR 2023 Music

"Music is the bridge to heaven," said Edgar Cayce, and Rev Mario told us often that "The Centre was born in music."

The music we play before and after a New Year Reading is essential to creating the bridge to Spirit and for expressing our gratitude after the Reading.

Before the Reading


The Nightingale is the national bird of Ukraine. Gratitude to Judith for helping us bring this to birth.

Written and played by JR and sung by Melody.

After the Reading

Sanctus: Centre Choir at All Saints Church 1986

Melody conducting, JR organ, soloist unknown.

Recorded by Mario on a tiny tape recorder. The tape has stretched but it still sounds wonderful.

Who Placed the Rose Upon the Cross

Written by JR. Centre choir and orchestra conducted by Melody.

Soloists Edward Parry and Christopher East.

Listen to the very end for best experience.

Recorded by the ABC.


Artwork by Monika Bissets
Artwork by Monika Bissets
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