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WA 2021
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Wyse-Art I - The Journey Begins

Man, therefore seek not God to scan
The proper study of mankind is man.
The Wyse-ard seeks to study man, but what is odd
Through viewing man, arrives at knowing God.
By eyeing each external action as it comes to pass

Confronts himself – the world’s his looking glass.
Unseen he passes, footsteps lightly trod
For no one sees the Wyse-ard – seeing God.

The Book of the Wyse-Art, Module 1

The Mysteries of the Western Spiritual Tradition

The first Wyse-Art course began its life as a cycle of eleven poems written for my granddaughter.  After a while, it became evident that this was not its real purpose, and after some years of meditation and reflection on the poems, images were added and layers of meaning came into focus.

The poems and the images comprise the “Book of the Wyse-Art”. This depicts a series of eleven gates or entry points to understanding. As a course, it occupies eleven modules. Each module should take anything from a week to a month to work with. Within this time frame the individual works with a meditation on a focal point; listens to a short discourse (or reads the written version) and completes a journal reflecting on how the focal point for the week is identified within life experiences. Each session involves music, imaging and reflection.

Course Information
  • Fee: $250
  • Modules: 11


  • Eleven audio files mp3 format for download
  • Eleven sets of Journal exercises
  • Eleven mp3 files of accompanying music tracks
  • All the modules can be downloaded following registration


  • To be assigned following registration.

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