Pentecost Meditations: Music

If you have been doing the Pentecost Meditations from the book, you will know that there are songs for each meditation. The first song changes each week; the song at the end is "O Love that Knoweth of No Fear". The series of songs begins with "Will You Come and Follow Me" on Easter Sunday, and then for the next six days the song is "Ask, Knock and Seek". The songs in order are:

  • Week One:
    Ask, Knock and Seek 
  • Week Two
    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • Week Three
    Within My Being, Lord
  • Week Four
    Let’s Be What We’re Made to Be
  • Week Five
    Lose Yourself in Me
  • Week Six
  • Week Seven
    The Windows of Heaven Are Open
  • Pentecost
    Peace is Flowing Like a River

This is a recording of the songs sung by Melody and me - very impromptu 😀


Next week I'll upload separate files for each song.

JR (and Melody) 🌹

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