JR & Melody: Pentecost

Together with priests around the world, Melody and I celebrated a Pentecost Mass. It was wonderful to know that many of you were sharing in this unique festival.

JR’s “Thoughts on Pentecost and the Aura of the Earth” are available for online listening and download.

JR xx

Thoughts on Pentecost and the Aura of the Earth Audio

The Aura of the Earth (Chart by Melody)


1 thought on “JR & Melody: Pentecost”

  1. Thank you John for your gift to us all. Thank you Melody for your continuing support and love. What you create together is a mighty force for light. I am empowered and refreshed within self. I may be a fairly static being these days but my inner picture is of a torch bearer – rather like the Olympic torch bearers who run a leg and pass the flame to the next in line until it has traveled around the world. I see each one of us as torch bearers. My gratitude for your input is beyond words. Much love.
    Judith xxx

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