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Astrology: The Details

John Rawson is one of the most trained and authoritative astrologers I have met so far. Not only is he a wonderful man, warm and flowing (Pisces!), but he knows his subject.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker, CentreCOMM Jul 1980


Astrology works with three different classes of symbols. The first are the planets, which represent drives and energies. Thus the Sun represents the drive to express individuality; the Moon the drive to respond; Mercury the drive to communicate and so on. The second class of symbols are the signs of the zodiac. The signs modify the way in which the inner drives may come to expression. For example, Sun in Cancer indicates that the person will express themselves in a nurturing manner; Mercury in Aries, that the individual will communicate in a direct way. Then there are the houses which represent areas of life into which the person will direct these planetary energies.

The planets themselves form relationships with one another. Easy relationships mean that the energies will work together; difficult relationships indicate the need for personal development to resolve inner conflict.

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The astrologer works from the “Birth Chart” - a simple map of the sky when the person was born. Some parts of this chart are more important than others, and accentuate particular characteristics and areas of life. The example above illustrates an individual who is highly motivated to perform at their best (Sun in Capricorn in a good relationship to Jupiter and to Neptune) who will be incredibly challenged by exhaustive demands of their career (Sun difficult relationship to Pluto in the tenth house of career). This person should put tremendous amounts of energy into communication (third and ninth houses are emphasised) and would have a tremendous personal energy and probably zany sense of humour (Sun good relationship with Uranus). In terms of career, this person would make a great performer (Leo on the tenth house) with a strong perfectionist streak (Mid Heaven in Virgo). This is the chart of the actor/singer Michael Crawford.

The question is often asked, “Can astrology predict the future?” Astrologers in fact dedicate enormous amounts of time and energy trying to map out future possibilities for clients. Few astrologers however, would be brave enough to claim that they can define the future for people based on their astrological profiles.

The birth chart of a person can be compared to an acorn. Just as the acorn contains within itself a blueprint of the future oak that it will grow into, so the birth chart is a blueprint for the development of the person. Besides the blueprint, there are other factors that will affect the growth of the potential oak tree. Factors such as the weather, the amount of sun light the young oak receives and the soil conditions the acorn was planted in will have a huge influence on the way the acorn developes into the oak.

In the same way, astrological environmental factors will affect the way the blueprint contained in the birth chart will be able to unfold and manifest within the life. A survey of these influences over the coming year is the subject of the Trends Analysis.

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