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Welcome to Realm number Two!

We are all familiar with Realm-1. This is who we are most of the time. We are concerned with our personal needs and desires. We are focused on our relationships, our place in the world, our career, our family and all the myriad of things that make contemporary life. In Realm-1 consciousness we make decisions based on our five senses. Realm-1 thinking says that life is random and capricious. It begins from nothing and ends in nothing. But what if there was more?

Many, many people are not happy with such a materialistic consciousness. They have glimpses of another way of looking at the world. They have encountered Realm-2.

Realm-2 consciousness is spiritual consciousness. If we enter into this consciousness then the world looks completely different. We begin to see ourselves as immortal sparks launched upon an enormous journey. “We are not earthly beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey.”

How do we enter into this new world of spirit? The answer given by the philosopher and clairvoyant, Rudolf Steiner is short and to the point: “We perceive the material world [Realm-1] by developing physical organs of perception. We perceive the spiritual world [Realm-2] by developing spiritual organs of perception.”

Here you can find two aids to developing your experience of Realm-2. You can request a Spiritual Reading; you can undertake the training in the Western Spiritual Tradition through The Way of the Wyse Art.

Throughout the pages of this site you will find glimpses of Realm-2 thinking. Many of these are courtesy of our teacher in the Western Spiritual Tradition, Rev Mario Schoenmaker. We hope to carry on his work and convey to the world, something of the immediacy and power of the spiritual worlds.

Melody & John Rawson

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